Ps. Neville - Your Enemy Was Crushed!

Pastor Neville McDonald, a name that sparks memories of faith, wisdom, and courageous spirit. His life wasn’t just about powerful sermons but a real-life showcase of the power of God. This tribute is our way of celebrating a leader who didn’t just talk about hope but made it happen, touching hearts and bringing healing to our Good Hope family and beyond. Thank you, Pastor Neville, for your love. Your legacy of hope continues in us. 


Pastor Neville McDonald’s Bio 

Pastor Neville McDonald, a remarkable man driven by an unwavering love for God and people, left an indelible mark on all who encountered him. Known for his infectious warmth and genuine care, those who crossed paths with Pastor Neville universally share the sentiment that he made them feel important and valued as individuals. With a captivating sense of humour and an ever-ready story to share, he radiated an approachability that endeared him to many. 


In 1984, Pastors Neville and Wendy received a divine calling to establish a church in the City of Cape Town. Undeterred by the challenges, they embarked on a journey with a profound vision to change the world, packing up their small car and their two young children. Pastor Neville embraced the role of a rebel against the world’s standards, fearlessly taking on challenges that echoed the biblical call to preach the gospel at any cost. 


Under the mentorship of Drs. Fred and Nellie Roberts, Pastor Neville and Wendy began the humble beginnings of Good Hope Christian Centre, a place envisioned as a refuge for individuals from all walks of life, races, and backgrounds to find hope and healing through their precious Lord and Saviour. The ministry flourished through their faith, leadership, perseverance, commitment to the call, and a paternal vision that transcended circumstances. 


Pastor Neville’s rebellious spirit shone brightly when he courageously planned an outreach for people of all races during the Apartheid era, an act that led him to face potential incarceration. Yet, his unwavering commitment to God’s calling and the example of preaching the gospel despite adversity remained steadfast. The year 1999 witnessed a significant moment as a document detailing the responsibility of righteous government and the implementation of the Bill of Rights for all South Africans was delivered to Parliament, received by F.W. De Klerk. This initiative reflected Pastor Neville’s dedication to upholding human dignity and advocating for justice. 


Throughout his expansive ministry, Pastor Neville traveled with Pastor Benny Hinn and Prophet Kim Clement, leaving an indelible impact globally. He ministered in diverse settings, including Bishop Christopher Russell’s church and Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne’s congregation. His journey extended to Healing Word International in Tustin, California, USA, where he served as an Apostolic Pastor. 


Beyond the church walls, Pastor Neville’s heart for community development manifested in the establishment of Bonginkosi Educare in Khayelitsha, South Africa, caring for over 300 underprivileged children. The creation of KidzQuest, a children’s stage production, touched over 750,000 young lives globally. In Rwanda, he partnered with over 3,000 churches to plant gardens that fed the community. 


His leadership extended to establishing Appeal to Heaven: Forty days of prayer, and the founding of the March of Hope, taking the message of Jesus to the streets of Cape Town. Even in the face of adversity, Pastor Neville launched the Unlock Section 31 Campaign in 2020 to oppose an unlawful and unbiblical ban on church meetings during the Covid-19 lockdown. 


Pastor Neville McDonald, who passed away in 2020, continues to live on through his enduring legacy. His life’s work, characterised by giving hope, healing people, and unyielding faith, serves as an inspiration for all who seek to make a positive impact in the world. His legacy is a testament to the transformative power of faith, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to spreading the love of Christ. 

Cigarette Box Miracle

It was during the years of struggle that our dreams for a better future burned as a fire in our hearts. No responsible citizen could deny the plight of our citizens and children. Neville and Wendy repeatedly asked, “What could we do?” 


A few days later, Neville McDonald visited a local architect, Arno De Villers. As he walked out of his office, he posed a question. “If I can find land for an educare, in Khayelitsha, would you pay for it?” Neville assured Arno that if he would acquire land and oversee the building of the school, he would cover all costs. Neville left feeling elated yet unsure knowing that no figures had been discussed.  


As the months passed, it appeared that they would be able to acquire some land in Khayelitsha. When they called the relevant authorities, they were told that the project would be built somewhere in Khayelitsha. However, they were unsure of the exact location.  


Months dragged by. One cold spring morning the phone rang, it was Arno, “Remember the educare? It is built. Will you come out and inspect the property? And by the way, bring your cheque book.” 


After some hurried calls to the transferring attorneys, Neville discovered that he would need three hundred and eighty thousand rand, which was a small fortune for him. Excitement turned to dread. How would he tell Arno that the money was not available?  


Khayelitsha in the 80’s comprised of a few homes, a police station and the new school. As he stood outside of the newly built four hundred and fifty square meter complex, Neville realised for the first time, that they were about to purchase a school! They had no money, furniture, teachers, kitchen equipment, or the necessary expertise to run the venture. As the architect and his associate gathered together with the officials to inspect the new property, Neville realised the payment for the property was eminent. Before the question arose, he made the decision to ask the lead consultant and project overseer to give the school. For a moment, Arno just stared at him in disbelief.  


He then proceeded to remove his cigarettes from his box. Without a word, Arno began to write. He then handed the cigarette box to Neville with a scrawled letter on it and said, “Young man, copy this to your letterhead and take it to our office.” That afternoon, with letter in hand, Neville paid the stamp dues of just over eight hundred rand. A few months later Sue Maartens accepted the position as principal and their first students would arrive. 


Today the school has grown to more than three hundred students and continues to meet the needs of the community. We have seen so many of our graduates since the beginning of the school go on to become successful in their chosen fields of study, making a difference in their communities and the world. More than 10,000 children’s lives have been changed!