Seven Things The Holy Spirit Does


– Pastor Wendy McDonald


In our life we need to understand the role of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is often overlooked but He is the dynamic presence of God within us, transforming, guiding, and empowering us. Today, let’s delve into the seven remarkable things the Holy Spirit does, as revealed in the Bible, and explore how we can be led by Him daily. 


  1. The Holy Spirit will bring the presence of God into our lives.

The Holy Spirit brings God’s presence into our lives, manifesting the will of the Father and the work of the Son. As believers, our spirits become one with His, allowing us to live out God’s will through Jesus Christ. Ezekiel 39:29 says, “I will not hide My face from them anymore; for I shall have poured out My Spirit on the house of Israel, says the Lord God.” This divine presence transforms us, guiding us in our everyday walk…





Dinner With Jesus


Ever hear the one about Jesus, a Pharisee, and a woman with a jar of perfume? It’s not the start of a joke, but an actual story from Luke 7:36-50. As Jesus steps into the home of a Pharisee named Simon, we witness a moment that challenges societal norms, religious…



Fear Not: A Christmas Journey with God’s Angels


This is a season of Christmas Miracles. In the 21st century, angelic encounters may seem like a thing of the past. But this is far from the truth. As a pastor, I am deeply humbled to share with you an extraordinary encounter with one such angel that



  Prophecy on 29 October 2023


For am I not the Alpha and the Omega? Am I not the beginning and the end? Do I not hold your life in the palm of my hand? For why do you say, “What will happen tomorrow? What will the banks say? What will the politicians say? What will the economists say?”…




 Your Faith Destination


Have you ever unexpectedly found yourself detoured in your life? Imagine driving home or to your work and suddenly, there’s a detour sign. Due to unforeseen circumstances like road construction, the usual route is inaccessible for you. It’s disorienting and unsettling as now you…




 How to Silence Doubt & Embrace Faith


You may be wondering, “Who is Jesus?” Let me tell you, there is no one like Him. The Bible reveals to us the extent of His love, so profound that He gave His life for us. In John 15:13, it says, “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s




Unleashing the Power of God


As a child of God, how aware are you of the divine power residing within you? There is power that is bestowed upon us by the Almighty God when you accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. You are part of a chosen generation and a royal priesthood, carrying within you…




Unleashing the Power of the Holy Spirit


There are pressures in life that will mislead us. Yet, if we listen to the Holy Spirit, He will direct us into truth. Imagine walking and hearing a voice behind you saying, “Walk this way.” The Holy Spirit’s direction ensures we navigate life with God’s wisdom and clarity, ensuring we walk in favour and blessing…





 Steering Through Turbulence


Do you know what a compass is? A compass is an instrument that reveals what direction one is heading in. It is so easy to become lost and seek direction from the wrong thingThat is the beauty of God: He did not leave us nor forsake us. He sent His Word, Jesus, to share…



Your Miracle Exit


Lying in a hospital bed, diagnosed with viral meningitis, a brain tumour, and shingles so severe it covered my back, I was a mess. Doctors were grim, telling me I was on death’s doorstep, urging surgery that would’ve ended me for sure. An oncologist later confirmed



When Fear Saw Fear


I grew up in the church, but I spent my youth and young adult life in the world. I tried to find true peace and a place of joy. Not just happiness, but genuine joy. That joy that Jesus talks about is unspeakable and full of joy. I wanted that joy. I wanted peace in my life. I sought inner peace…



 All We Need Is Love


When we think about love, we often miss the subtle ways it influences our daily experiences. Consider the impact of a loved one’s voice, where a simple “hello” can express a whole range of emotions. I vividly recall how my mother’s voice would reveal her mood…




 Unlocking the Secrets of the Kingdom


The resounding truth of Resurrection Sunday echoes throughout history, heralding the victory of life over death, and the inauguration of God’s eternal Kingdom. In the wake of Jesus Christ’s triumphant resurrection, the proclamation resounds




 Keys to Unlocking Your Future


– Prophet Johan Proost


If you’ve stumbled upon this blog, it’s not by accident. This is for you, the spiritually hungry, those who’ve had their fill of the world’s offerings and now yearn for the meat of the Word. It’s for those who recognise that there’s more to this spiritual journey than what meets the eye…



Believing the Impossible: The Miracle of Victoria


– Pastor Paula Carter


When I was pregnant with my daughter Victoria, we faced a heart-wrenching challenge that tested our faith to its core. During a routine prenatal check-up, the doctors showed us the ultrasound images that revealed a concerning issue…



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