Prophet Johan Proost – Keys To Unlocking Your Prophetic Future

Keys To Unlocking Your Prophetic Future

Prophet Johan Proost  

17 March 2024


If you’ve stumbled upon this blog, it’s not by accident. This is for you, the spiritually hungry, those who’ve had their fill of the world’s offerings and now yearn for the meat of the Word. It’s for those who recognise that there’s more to this spiritual journey than what meets the eye. Today it is time to discover the Keys to Unlocking Your Prophetic Future. 


The First Key: Jesus Christ 

Let’s start where all things begin and end: Jesus Christ. Your authority, your gifting, your anointing and your power begins and ends with Jesus. If you are to step into the future God has for you, the first key is to lock your gaze upon Jesus. He is not just a part of the journey; He is the journey. Everything else revolves around this central truth. Without Him, we have no foundation, no direction, and certainly no prophetic future.  


As it is eloquently put in Colossians 1, “For by Him all things were created… and in Him all things hold together.” This truth is not just a statement of Christ’s sovereignty but a declaration of where our focus must lie if we are to unlock our prophetic future. 


The Second Key: A Word-Based Lifestyle 

The Word of God is alive, active, and sharper than any two-edged sword (Hebrews 4:12). When you make the Word your foundation, you align yourself with God’s voice, His commands and His promises. “I am the Word,” Jesus declared in John 1:1. Living a life based on the Word means living a life based on Jesus Himself. It is in the Scriptures that we find guidance, correction, and the secrets to our divine purpose. 


The Third Key: A Worship-Based Lifestyle 

Worship is not about the songs we sing on Sunday; it’s about the life we live every day. Worship is an expression of love and reverence towards God that transcends music or lyrics. It’s a lifestyle. “In whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Colossians 2:3. In worship, we access these treasures, not through our intellect, but through our hearts. Worship positions us in the presence of God, where all things are possible. 


The Fourth Key: A Prayer-Based Lifestyle 

Prayer is our direct line to the Father. It’s where we communicate, listen, and align our will with His. “Jesus did nothing unless the Father gave Him the green light.” John 5:19. If the Son of God lived by this principle, how much more should we? Prayer is not about bringing our laundry list of requests to God but about entering His presence, understanding His heart, and walking in His will. 


The Fifth Key: A Relationship-Based Lifestyle 

Our faith is not a religion, it’s a relationship! Walking with God is not about following a set of rules but about knowing Him intimately. We need to ask, “Can I be in Your life, Jesus?” This question flips the script on what it means to follow Christ. It’s not about Him being a part of our story, but us being a part of His. This is where transformation happens. 


The Sixth Key: Love God and Love Your Neighbour 

Finally, love sums up the essence of our faith—loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and loving our neighbour as ourselves. This is where the rubber meets the road. Our prophetic future is not just about what God wants to do in us but through us. It’s about being His hands and feet to those around us. 



These keys are not just principles, they are invitations. Invitations to a deeper, more meaningful walk with God. Invitations to step into your prophetic future, one that is rich with purpose, power, and His presence. 


As you ponder these words, remember, it’s not about striving in your strength but surrendering to His. It’s about laying down your plans at the feet of Jesus and picking up His plans for you. Are you ready to unlock your prophetic future? The door is open, but only you can walk through it. 


Stay blessed, stay hungry, and above all, keep your eyes fixed on Jesus!