Ps Grant Your Faith Destination

Your Faith Destination

Pastor Grant Hendricks

25 February 2024


Have you ever unexpectedly found yourself detoured in your life? Imagine driving home or to your work and suddenly, there’s a detour sign. Due to unforeseen circumstances like road construction, the usual route is inaccessible for you. It’s disorienting and unsettling as now you have to follow detour signs along an unfamiliar route. In a way, this mirrors the uncertainty we often face in our Christian walk. Just like following detour signs guides you back to your intended path, sticking to Jesus and His Word leads you to your destined place. Your faith has a destination in God.  


Instead of focusing on what God is doing, we frequently worry about what’s happening, what didn’t happen, or what should happen. The most important thing to realise is that God knows the destination and His timing is perfect. What He said He will do and what He says He will always fulfil, according to your faith in Him and your belief in Him. 


Rooted in His Promise 

Anchored in God, your faith should find its roots in the promises of Jesus. It’s about knowing what He said, trusting in His Words, and holding onto the prophetic utterances that may not have materialised yet. As we stand about to enter the third month of 2024, some of you might struggle with why you haven’t yet realised God’s promises in your life. You may wonder if God will truly bring you to the destination He declared. When you are on a detour you need to keep doing what Jesus said! Your hope and faith rest in the One who promised, and He has the power to guide you through uncertainties. 


The Journey with Jesus 

When He got into a boat with His disciples in Luke 8:22 the Bible says, “Now it happened, on a certain day, that He got into a boat with His disciples. And He said to them, ‘Let us cross over to the other side of the lake.’ And they launched out.” What was the destination on the other side? Only Jesus knew. But it was important that the disciples aligned themselves with what Jesus said. 


The disciples had to make a decision to follow Jesus into the boat. They could have stayed on the shore, but they would not stay with Jesus if they remained. We need to follow Jesus where He leads, even when we are uncertain of the route. They didn’t know where the journey would take them, but most importantly, they had the Miracle Worker with them. When we follow Jesus, we can have confidence in experiencing victory and breakthroughs because Jesus is in our boat! 


Jesus in Your Boat 

Jesus was in the boat with the disciples. He made sure not to abandon them to face the coming storm alone. He got in the boat with them. The only place to go when you’re on the boat is overboard, and isn’t that the way sin is? Sin will make you go overboard. Just stay with Jesus on the destination that He set for your life. 


While going fishing, I discovered the importance of committing to being in the boat. Getting on the boat wasn’t a simple thing because the boat was in the water and the waves would beat upon the side of the boat, making the boat move. If you went on the boat, you have got to commit or you’re gonna fall into the water. You are either gonna jump in or you’re gonna stay on the side wondering when is a good time to do so. Know this, it is always a good time with Jesus when you commit to Him. You’re never going to go overboard because He’s going to keep you. 


When Jesus shows up, He is going to speak to you. The disciples were instructed by Him in Luke 8:22b to embark on a journey to the other side of the lake. He will speak to you in a still, small voice, saying, “This is the way. Walk in it.” When you open the Bible, His voice is going to minister life to you. His Word is going to give you hope for your future. There was a promise that they would make it to the other side of the lake. If He didn’t speak to them, there would have been no hope to hold on to when faced with the coming storm. The words of Jesus in our lives carry the same power. Whether facing sickness, lack, or uncertainty, holding onto His promises can turn storms into moments of divine intervention.  


Facing the Storm 

As the disciples sailed, a windstorm arose, and adversity struck. The waves beat against the boat, filling it with water. This storm mirrors the challenges and opposition we encounter when pursuing the path set by Jesus. It’s essential to discern the direction of the opposition – when it chases you, it may signify alignment with the enemy’s plans. It’s a sign that you’re on the right path when the enemy confronts you head-on. 


While the storm raged, Jesus peacefully slept. With the promise of reaching the other side, He slept soundly. The disciples, initially afraid, found strength to call on Jesus to be saved. Sometimes, the detour requires us to worship when it makes little sense, to trust when resources are lacking, and to launch out into the unknown, relying on His promises. 


Confidence in the Detour 

This is the key takeaway: By committing to Jesus, even if the boat of your life sways, you will never go overboard. His presence ensures stability, and His Word provides the confidence to weather any storm. It’s about staying committed, launching out in faith, and trusting in His guidance, even when the path seems uncertain.