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Our Mission:

Good Hope Christian Centre was established by Pastors Neville and Wendy McDonald in 1984. Since its inception, this vibrant church has grown from 30 members to over 15,000 who call GHCC their home. Today the church meets in five different locations around the city churches have been established in various parts of the world This exciting contemporary congregation has affected the city in a dynamic way. Cape Town city mayor writes, “Good Hope Christian Centre has a tremendous impact on the city and this is felt in the broad spectrum of the metropolitan areas.” The church provides recovery programs, education, music, day schools, a dynamic Bible school, and numerous mission programs. GHCC has a rich history and the voice of the church is still loud and strong today.

Event meeting in Salzburg
conference hall, 2017

International investment
April 26. 2017.

Best Entrepreneurs
May 20. 2017.

Local Conferences
August 1. 2017.